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Energy Storage

Heatric are active in working with partners to develop solutions to combat the challenge of energy storage from renewables and to overcome current supply and demand synchronisation issues. These include;

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) - (usually used for concentrated solar power (CSP)

The close temperature approaches achieved by Heatric exchangers ensure minimal loss of energy between molten salt and other heat transfer fluids during charging and discharging cycles. We have also developed a unique specialist procedure to diffusion bond Alloy 347 for this demanding application.

A second benefit to the close temperature approach achieved by Heatric exchangers is a reduction in both land and heliostat cost. This is achieved by using a lower molten salt temperature to produce the steam for power generation, reducing the number of heliostats required to heat the oil. This also allows a higher pressure steam to be generated in the boiler using the same temperature molten salt, therefore resulting in increased power output from the steam turbine.

Cryogenic Energy Storage

The high pressure capabilities of Heatric exchangers combined with their effectiveness has placed us at the forefront of Cryogenic Energy Storage technology for several years and we continue to work with our partners to develop new systems for use in this exciting area.


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