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Heatric Manufacturing


Heatric manufacturing produces diffusion bonded heat exchangers in the UK with co-manufacturing partners in Sao Paulo, Brazil to provide local services for our South American customers.

Heatric has extensive manufacturing and testing facilities across our sites and is continually looking for ways to expand its operations.

Flow plate manufacturing

The Heatric PCHE manufacturing process begins at the etching stage where stainless steel flow plates are prepared, etched and finished before bonding and final assembly.

At this stage, the etching team complete the following:

  • Plate preparation
  • Plate etching design and film preparation
  • Etched plate production and finishing
  • Quality assurance and checking

Diffusion bonding and fabrication

At this stage the diffusion bonding, component sub-assembly, and final assembly of Heatric’s exchangers takes place. The units undergo extensive on-site testing in Heatric’s dedicated radiographic facilities. The Poole manufacturing site features:

  • 20 acre site
  • 25,000m² production facilities across 3 factories
  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Bonding
  • Assembly
  • Testing

Compliance, Health, Safety and the Environment at Heatric

Heatric has a commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment. The company operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) which is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, and the mechanical design of any PCHE is always in accordance with the design code specified by the customer.

For detailed information on Heatric’s accreditations and Integrated Management System, click here.


Heatric PCHE during a testing process

About Heatric

Heatric, a division of the Parker Hannifin Filtration Group, is a global leader in Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHEs). Heatric PCHEs are high performance, compact heat exchangers with applications across the energy industry; in oil and gas, power generation, marine, and clean technology systems. Each Heatric PCHE is bespoke to suit customer specifications and deliver maximum operational efficiency and performance. As technology pioneers with decades of design, manufacture
and operational experience, Heatric have the technical expertise to enable your innovation.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?

As bespoke manufactured products with fully integrated features, the inner workings of a Heatric PCHE are something that engineers rarely get an opportunity to see. This interactive 3D model allows the user to disassemble a Heatric PCHE to improve their understanding of the inner workings and components that make-up this robust, high-integrity technology.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?
Heatric is accredited to the following standards