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As a manufacturer of printed circuit heat exchangers for more than 30 years, Heatric has achieved a number of significant milestones throughout its history.

From it’s founding in 1985, to its relocation to the UK, to the expansion of it’s manufacturing facilities in the UK and sales offices around the world, Heatric has developed a great deal throughout its years of operation. With the creation of a dedicated innovation department and the expansion of operations into new markets and sectors, Heatric is looking to move forward with the same drive and vision that has made it the company what it is today.


Heatric Company Timeline

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About Heatric

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Heatric, a division of Meggitt (UK) Limited, design and manufacture bespoke heat transfer solutions for selected energy markets. A world leader in heat exchanger technology, Heatric have produced over 2500 PCHEs for operation in extreme environments across the globe, for both existing and emerging energy markets.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?

As bespoke manufactured products with fully integrated features, the inner workings of a Heatric PCHE are something that engineers rarely get an opportunity to see. This interactive 3D model allows the user to disassemble a Heatric PCHE to improve their understanding of the inner workings and components that make-up this robust, high-integrity technology.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?
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