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Heatric has an extensive library of white papers and technical documents published and presented for conferences around the world. Select any of the links below to download or view the document in PDF format:

Economic analysis of SCO2 cycles with PCHE Recuperator design optimisation

Dereje Shiferaw, Jorge Montero Carrero, Renaud Le Pierres, The 5th International Symposium – Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles March 28-31, 2016, San Antonio, Texas

Diffusion bonded PCHEs in fuel gas heating to improce efficiency of CCGTs

Dereje Shiferaw, Robert Broad, Proceedings of the ASME 2014 Power Conference, ASME 2014, July 28-31, 2014, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Impact of mechanical design issues on PCHE

Renaud Le Pierre, Proceedings of SCO2 Power Cycle Symposium 2011, May 24-25, 2011, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

Innovative compact heat exchangers

David Southall and Stephen John Dewson. Presented at ICAPP 10, June 13-17, 2010, San Diego, USA

Materials for nuclear diffusion-bonded compact heat exchangers

Xiuqing Li, Tim Smith, David Kininmont and Stephen John Dewson. Presented at ICAPP 09, May 10-14, 2009, Tokyo, Japan

Diffusion bonding in compact heat exchangers

David Southall. Presented at ICAPP 09, May 10-14, 2009, Tokyo, Japan

Alloy 617 for the high temperature diffusion bonded compact heat exchangers

Xiuqing Li, David Kininmont, Renaud Le Pierres and Stephen John Dewson. Presented at ICAPP 08, June 8-12, 2008, Anaheim, CA, USA

Design considerations for compact heat exchangers

David Southall, Renaud Le Pierres, and Stephen John Dewson. Presented at ICAPP 08, June 8-12, 2008, Anaheim, CA, USA

Heat Exchangers for the next generation of nuclear reactors

Xiuqing Li, Renaud Le Pierres and Stephen John Dewson. Presented at ICAPP 06, June 4-8 2006, Reno, NV, USA

LNG applications of diffusion bonded heat exchangers

Tony Bowdery. Presented at the AIChE Spring Meeting, 6th Topical Conference on Natural Gas Utilization, Orlando, USA, April 2006

A compact gas-to-methanol process and its application to improved oil recovery

J A Banister & S O Rumbold. Presented at the Gas Processors Association Europe Annual Conference, Warsaw, September 2005

Selection Criteria for the High Temperature Reactor

S J Dewson & X Li. Presented at ICAPP 05, May 15-19 2005, Seoul, Korea

Scaleable microstructured plant for steam reforming of methane

Seris et al. Presented at the 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Glasgow, Scotland, July 2005

Modern technologies for optimised speciality chemicals production processes

C.H. Wille, N. Johnston, L. Pua, S. Rumbold, L. Unverdorben & D. Wehle. Prepared for the conference ‘Switching from Batch to Continuous Processing.’ Nov 22 – 23, 2004, London, United Kingdom

Compressor station fuel gas super-heating using lube oil waste heat

K. Sell, P. Langston & R. Mitchell. Presented at the International Pipeline Conference, Oct 4-8 2004, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Understanding the process intensification opportunity

N.M. Johnston and S.O.Rumbold. Presented at the AIChE Spring National Meeting, April 24-29 2004, New Orleans, USA

Industrial microchannel devices – where are we today

L.M. Pua & S.O. Rumbold. Presented at the First International Conference on Microchannels and Minichannels. Apr 24-25, 2003. Rochester, New York, USA

Development of high efficiency heat exchangers for helium gas cooled reactors

Stephen Dewson & Bernard Thonon. Presented at the 2003 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants. May 4-7, Congress Palais, Córdoba, Spain

Heat transfer challenges in fuel cell systems

Prepared for presentation at the AIChE Spring National Meeting, 2nd Topical Conference on Fuel Cell Technology, March 31 – April 3, 2003

Heatric steam reforming technology

B Haynes & A M Johnston. Prepared for presentation at the AIChE 2002 Spring National Meeting, March 10 – 14, New Orleans

High effectiveness micro-exchanger performance

B Haynes & A M Johnston. Prepared for presentation at the AIChE 2002 Spring National Meeting, March 10 – 14, New Orleans

Applications of PCHE technology in heterogeneous catalytic reactors

Johnston, Levy & Rumbold. Presented at the AIChE Annual Meeting 2001

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