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Heatric has worked on wide range of projects across the breadth of industrial manufacturing in the 30+ years that the company has been in operation. Heatric are committed to using the company’s extensive resources and knowledge to investigate new products and solutions in growing range of new fields and markets, to continue to deliver exceptional quality and support to our customers.

Heatric’s manufacturing and engineering expertise includes:

  • High-alloy welding and fabrication
  • One of the largest dedicated chemical etching facilities in the world
  • Industry-leading diffusion bonding capabilities
  • An experienced engineering department capable of supporting customers in overcoming their technical challenges
  • Specialist project managers who proactively oversee production and ensure on-time, right-first-time, delivery of the product

Throughout Heatric’s years of operation the company has worked with a number of the largest names in industry. By capitalising on its distinct resources and expertise, Heatric has provided advanced system solutions and key-enabling technologies to applications throughout the engineering sector.

To discuss your project, and to understand how Heatric’s skills and experience can help you to overcome the challenges that you face, send a message directly through the enquiry page or contact Heatric on:

+44 (0) 1202 627 000 

About Heatric

Heatric, a division of the Parker Hannifin Filtration Group, is a global leader in Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHEs). Heatric PCHEs are high performance, compact heat exchangers with applications across the energy industry; in oil and gas, power generation, marine, and clean technology systems. Each Heatric PCHE is bespoke to suit customer specifications and deliver maximum operational efficiency and performance. As technology pioneers with decades of design, manufacture
and operational experience, Heatric have the technical expertise to enable your innovation.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?

As bespoke manufactured products with fully integrated features, the inner workings of a Heatric PCHE are something that engineers rarely get an opportunity to see. This interactive 3D model allows the user to disassemble a Heatric PCHE to improve their understanding of the inner workings and components that make-up this robust, high-integrity technology.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?
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