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Through the links below users can view or download Heatric’s Coporate and Technical brochures, which feature a wealth of information on the company’s products and services including the benefits of utilising Heatric’s diffusion bonded heat exchangers. These documents are packed with rich imagery helping to demonstrate the compact size and high quality production of Heatric’s industry leading heat exchangers.

Heatric Corporate Brochure

Heatric’s Corporate Brochure provides insights into the company’s operations, products, technologies and services.

Heatric Technical Brochure

For comprehensive technical information, make sure to read the Heatric Technical Brochure which provides comparative performance graphs, explanatory diagrams and further insights into how Heatric produces  diffusion bonded PCHEs.

For more information on Heatric’s technology and operations, send a message through the enquiry page or contact Heatric directly on:

+44 (0) 1202 627 000

About Heatric Ltd

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Heatric (part of the Meggitt Group) design and manufacture bespoke heat transfer solutions for selected energy markets. A world leader in heat exchanger technology, Heatric have produced over 2500 PCHEs for operation in extreme environments across the globe, for both existing and emerging energy markets.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?

As bespoke manufactured products with fully integrated features, the inner workings of a Heatric PCHE are something that engineers rarely get an opportunity to see. This interactive 3D model allows the user to disassemble a Heatric PCHE to improve their understanding of the inner workings and components that make-up this robust, high-integrity technology.

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What is in a Heatric PCHE?
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