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The complex and demanding nature of many engineering applications dictates a need for high-performance equipment, manufactured to strict specifications. The cost of equipment (the upfront capital expenditure) is only one consideration, the cost of running the equipment (the operational expenditure) is frequently the more important concern. When system components offer low upfront costs but provide poor efficiency, safety and reliability, the CAPEX savings are quickly negated by the costs of running and maintaining the equipment.

Heatric’s Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers offer a number of benefits that provide clear OPEX savings throughout the commissioning and use of the equipment. The following are just some of the potential cost benefits of Heatric’s PCHEs:

  • CompactnessWith Heatric’s PCHEs being up to 85% smaller than competitive technologies, structural savings can be substantial. For systems where space is a serious concern, such as oil platforms or marine vessels, this can have a sizable impact on the project budget.
  • Reliability Heatric’s PCHEs offer major advantages in reliability when compared to similar technologies. The diffusion bonded process utilised during manufacture produces equipment far higher in strength than similar processes, such as vacuum brazing. This advantage minimises the costs of repair downtime and replacing equipment.
  • Safety The potential human cost of equipment failure, particularly in demanding engineering applications, cannot be overstated. In addition to this the associated monetary costs lead to significant issues should safety failures occur. The design and manufacture of Heatric’s PCHEs means that they are immune to the potential catastrophic failures of competitive technologies. Coupled with the robustness and aforementioned reliability, the prospective savings for operators utilising this technology are significant.
  • Efficiency The performance features of Heatric’s PCHEs, including close temperature approach and high thermal efficiency, lead to efficiency improvements throughout the system. Heatric’s PCHEs can offer reductions in fuel consumption for the given duty, or conversely higher duty for the same level of fuel consumption.


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Heatric, a division of the Parker Hannifin Filtration Group, is a global leader in Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHEs). Heatric PCHEs are high performance, compact heat exchangers with applications across the energy industry; in oil and gas, power generation, marine, and clean technology systems. Each Heatric PCHE is bespoke to suit customer specifications and deliver maximum operational efficiency and performance. As technology pioneers with decades of design, manufacture
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