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Key Technical Features of Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers


There are a number of key technical features which create the unique structural characteristics and, in turn, the key benefits of employing Heatric PCHE exchangers into your heat transfer projects.

These include:

  • A wide selection of manufacturing materials to suit the demands of your heat transfer duty.
  • Chemical etching to produce bespoke flow plates, designed and manufacture to precisely match the duty requirements.
  • Our unique diffusion bonding manufacturing process to create an exchanger with the highest integrity, strength and effectiveness.
  • Improved-access maintenance nozzles to allow all areas of the core to be cleaned during servicing restoring maximum efficiency.
  • Heatric strainers recommended as OE fitment on all units to ensure maximum uptime.

These benefits combine to create a heat exchanger capable of superior performance over traditional models with an overall footprint as much as 80% smaller than a shell and tube heat exchanger. In addition, the inclusion of integrated maintenance nozzles makes cleaning the internal flow passages extremely simple and helps to maximise the overall uptime of your exchanger.

Minimising downtime ensures the PCHE is able to remain operational for the maximum time possible and reduces many of the overheads associated with unecessary repair work – helping your company to increase profitability and deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Manufacturing Heatric’s PCHEs

Heatric’s PCHEs are the product of over 30 years of manufacturing and development. As a result of the specialised manufacturing processes used during production Heatric’s printed circuit heat exchangers are robust, durable, and safe. By incorporating diffusion bonding and high-alloy welding, Heatric is able to produce gasket-less, seamless products that are immune to the catastrophic failure modes other heat exchanger technologies are vulnerable to.

Watch a video for more information on Heatric’s PCHE manufacturing process


About Heatric

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Heatric, a division of Meggitt (UK) Limited, design and manufacture bespoke heat transfer solutions for selected energy markets. A world leader in heat exchanger technology, Heatric have produced over 2500 PCHEs for operation in extreme environments across the globe, for both existing and emerging energy markets.

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