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PCHE Strainers and Filtration


Heatric recommend strainers (typically 320 micron) as standard fitment for all Heatric exchangers during normal operation in order to remove particulates that may cause blocking of the units.

However, during commissioning of a Heatric exchanger, these are specified as mandatory to remove foreign objects that may be present in pipework which could cause damage to the exchanger core.

Filtration options

Heatric recommend 2 types of strainers for use with Heatric’s diffusion bonded units.

1) Gas side:  In-line cone-type which are extremely robust and have high burst pressures

2) Coolant side: On-line cleanable solutions with automatic backwash

For more information on Heatric’s filtration options, click here.


For more information on strainers and filtration for Heatric’s PCHEs, and the benefits that they can bring to a system, send a message through the enquiry page or contact Heatric directly on:

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