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Heatric diffusion bonded heat exchangers in FPSO and FLNG facilities

Heatric diffusion bonded exchangers bring significant benefits to floating processing facilities as they can perform within a much lower size and weight envelope when compared to other heat transfer units such as shell and tube. 

Size and weight comparison between PCHE vs shell and tube model.

The significant savings in weight and space created by adopting diffusion bonded heat exchanger technology creates huge project savings in topside structural requirements and increased efficiency in space utilisation - a premium consideration in floating processing applications.

Their small size and weight also provides other operational project savings in terms of transport to site, handling, installation and a reduction in pipework requirements during connection to the processing train.

Due to their solid-state construction, diffusion bonded heat exchangers also bring other key benefits to floating processing applications in terms of safety and combining multiple processes within a single unit if required. 




Heatric floating processing vessels

FPSO vesselHeatric have provided over 150 printed circuit heat exchangers for multiple duties in floating processing applications for companies such as Petrobras, Total and SBM.

Units supplied for these projects include;

  • Discharge coolers
  • Inlet coolers
  • After coolers
  • CO2 coolers
  • Dewpoint exchangers
  • Suction coolers
  • Fuel gas pre-heaters
  • Dehydration units for feed water and pre-cooled mixed refrigerant (PMR) cooling
  • NGL extraction and liquefaction units
  • End flash gas units
  • Fractionation units
  • Refrigerant storage cooling


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