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Heatric strongly recommend the use of strainers during normal operation for all of our exchangers to minOnline strainers for PCHE heat exchangers.imise fouling and maximise uptime and maintenance time and cost.

A working strainer is mandatory for all Heatric exchangers at commissioning to ensure that the danger of contamination and damage due to potential foreign objects in new systems is minimised.

If your business requires help with strainers or other areas of heat exchanger maintenance contact Heatric today to find out how we can help.

The Heatric range of strainers

Heatric designs and manufactures custom-built strainers to protect PCHE passages from blocking by oversized particulates. We offer high integrity in-line conical strainers on the gas side with burst pressures up to 10 bar, and on-line serviceable cleanable strainers for the cooling medium side.

In-line strainer

Our in-line conical strainer can either be fitted into an internal tee-piece included in the exchanger header or installed in the pipe work immediately upstream of the exchanger. The in-line strainer provides sufficient protection for strainers that are only expected to require occasional servicing such as those on the process side.

On-line cleanable strainer

For the cooling medium side we offer a permanent, ‘serviceable on-line’ strainer, allowing for cleaning without interruption to production. Coolant side strainers have flanged connections for inclusion in your pipe work.
You should consider using our on-line cleanable strainer if your strainer is likely to require regular servicing e.g. if used in a closed cooling medium system.

Heatric’s high-integrity gas-side strainers are all custom-built to your specific needs. Due to their robust construction, they can handle differential pressures up to 10 bars compared to other strainers which can only handle pressure drops of 1-2 bars. The use of Heatric’s strainers provides several other benefits such as:

  • Confidence and flexibility during operation
  • Optimised positioning
  • Easy removal
  • Fully serviceable
  • No interruption to production

For more general guidelines on the types and selection of strainers, please click here.


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