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A brief overview of diffusion-bonded heat exchanger technology is now available to visitors in a number of languages. Please click on the links below to view this information in the language of your choice.


Arabic Summary (47 KB)

Arabic summary

Chinese summary - traditional (147 KB)
Chinese summary - traditional
Chinese summary - simplified (195 KB)
Chinese summary - traditional
French Summary (106 KB)

French Summary

Indonesian summary (100 KB)
Indonesian summary
Italian Summary (94 KB)

Italian Summary

Japanese Summary (143 KB)

Japanese summary

Korean Summary (215 KB)

Korean summary

Malaysian summary (90 KB)
Malaysian summary
Norwegian Summary (104 KB)

Norwegian summary

Portugese summary (99 KB)

 Brazilian summary

Russian summary (95 KB)
Russian summary
Spanish Summary (105 KB)

Spanish summary

Thai Summary (162 KB)

Thai summary