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Heatric has developed an effective PCHE cleaning method using ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting. We have a fully qualified and experienced team ready to mobilise to any worldwide location, who can provide UHP cleaning treatments on PCHEs’ both onshore at Heatric’s works and offshore.

PCHE UHP cleaning results chartThe benefits of specialist Heatric PCHE cleaning

UHP cleaning is a Heatric tried and tested cleaning technique which has proven to be successful in treating a wide range of fouling materials including construction debris, corrosion products and broken-down additives.

Heatric UHP PCHE cleaning treatments offer you the following benefits:

  • Fast technique (UHP jets directed into fouled areas)
  • No hazardous chemicals or additives
  • Offshore in-situ cleaning within 72 hours
  • In-house cleaning facility at Heatric (includes pre and post clean flow tests and sample analysis)
  • Post PCHE cleaning reports issued within 2 weeks of cleaning

You can read a quick overview of ultra high pressure water jetting by clicking here.


                                                                                                                                  Above: chart showing effectiveness of UHP cleaning on Heatric PCHE.


Below: Images of a Heatric PCHE exchanger before and after UHP jetting showing excellent cleaning results
Heatric PCHE UHP jetting cleaning comparisonHeatric PCHE UHP jetting cleaning comparison image 2