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Heatric demonstrate heat exchange at the inaugural Big Bang event at Bovington, Dorset

This year saw the inaugural county Big Bang event in Dorset which welcomed over 30 businesses and thousands of students to the Tank Museum – Bovington.

In amongst the impressive collection of Tanks and military equipment, the visiting children from both primary and secondary education sectors were encouraged to explore and interact with the exhibits.

Heatric representatives, Natasha Churchill (Year 4 apprentice), Cieron Bray (first year Apprentice), Shaun Askew (Marketing Analyst), Umer Muneer Chudhary (Engineering Team Lead / STEM Ambassador) and James Manning (Principal Engineer / STEM Ambassador), were on hand to demonstrate modes of heat transfer through interactive experiments and oversee a construction challenge that required the children to build a tower out of spaghetti pasta & tape over 45cm tall, capable of supporting a crème egg for more than 5 seconds!

The stand was bustling throughout the day with many children eager to succeed in the tower challenge. For many of the children this event occurred at an important time as they are due to select subjects that will ultimately define their career paths. It was great to showcase Heatric and Engineering based careers at this event.