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Technology Development

The Innovation and New Business Team (INBT) is the Heatric department for product development and market expansion. Heatric’s 30+ years of manufacturing heat exchangers, primarily for the oil & gas market, has led to the development of a number of specialised facilities, technologies and processes. Developed to meet the exacting standards of the oil and gas industry, which is known for having some of the strictest controls of any industry, Heatric’s resources makes the company particularly well positioned to act as a supplier to a range of high-performance markets.

Founded in late 2016, the remit of the INBT was to investigate and advance potential opportunities that would enable Heatric to expand into new markets. Through the development of new technologies and manufacturing services the company has already made significant progress in a range of new sectors. INBT members were drawn from a number of departments around the company, bringing together proficiency in manufacturing, project management, engineering, procurement and more to create an agile team capable of managing a range of sophisticated projects in parallel.

Heatric’s engineering and production expertise includes (but is not limited to):

  • High-performance manufacturing and stainless-steel fabrication
  • Development of components and fabrications for nuclear waste containment
  • High-alloy welding
  • Diffusion-bonding
  • Specialist heat transfer applications
  • Heat exchanger filtration

For more information on Heatric’s development of opportunities and growth projects, visit the innovations page.

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About Heatric

Heatric, a division of the Parker Hannifin Filtration Group, is a global leader in Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHEs). Heatric PCHEs are high performance, compact heat exchangers with applications across the energy industry; in oil and gas, power generation, marine, and clean technology systems. Each Heatric PCHE is bespoke to suit customer specifications and deliver maximum operational efficiency and performance. As technology pioneers with decades of design, manufacture
and operational experience, Heatric have the technical expertise to enable your innovation.

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