Safety benefits provided by Heatric heat exchangers


Installed PCHE on Nansen PlatformThe high integrity, structural features and characteristics created through Heatric's manufacturing process in making our PCHE exchangers provides multiple safety features alongside the many capital and operational cost savings they bring. 

Low inventory and hold up - PCHE volumes are typically in litres, not m3, with a corresponding low hydrocarbon inventory meaning any fluid hold-up in the core is negligible.

Any leakage flows will also be over 100 times smaller when compared to more traditional units due to the compact flow channel size.  

Highly fire resistant  - Manufactured from stainless steel or higher alloys with no aluminium or low melting point materials present.

No vibration problems  - Due to the 'solid' seamless structure of the core and assembled unit, vibration issues are minimised and all PCHEs are immune to tube rupture, as well as the catastrophic 'tube failure' associated with shell and tube units.

Minimised over-pressure relief - The low internal inventory of Heatric PCHEs requires no pressure relief valve (PRV) on the PCHE (usually located in coolant piping or the expansion tank in PCHE based systems).

Relief piping is also considerably smaller with PCHE systems (typically less than 50mm in size), which reduces installation costs and allows for greater flexibility in pipework fitting.


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