Operator training

Heatric has a comprehensive operator training package which is designed to help your commissioning and operations personnel obtain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully install, operate and maintain your PCHEs’.

Customised training

We also offer customised training courses for other interest groups such as design, process and mechanical engineers, as well as refresher training. Each of our customised training courses is individually tailored to your specific project requirements. Our training programmes cover everything from detailed product and manufacturing information, prevention and remedial actions to troubleshooting methods and performance monitoring.

operator training picture


Heatric’s training packages provides you with the following benefits which can help optimise your operation performance: 

delta bullet  Improved knowledge of PCHEs

delta bullet  Maximised availability and uptime

delta bullet  Ability to identify and resolve problems before up-time is compromised

delta bullet  Provide operations handbook and troubleshooting guide

delta bullet  Knowledge transfer of operational experiences and lessons learned


If you have any specific training requirements, do not hesitate to Contact us and we will design a training program especially for you.