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Improve operational efficiencies through integrated features

Due to the unique way in which Heatric exchangers are constructed - utilising distinct, defined flow channels and, where required, sectioned exchanger cores - units can be designed to combine multiple integrated processes into one unit providing even greater savings in terms of space, weight and operations.

1) Multi-fluid exchangers

Combining multiple flows and functionalities such as this single 1.4MW, 66Bar gas/gas, gas/condensate gas/refrigerant unit replacing 3 conventional units.

 Heatric multi fluid PCHE heat exchangerDiagram showing multi-fluid capability of Heatric PCHE

 2) Two-phase inlets

Two phase inlet PCHE for glycol injection on standsProvide the ability to create homogeneous mixing of multiple flows preventing potential issues with maldistribution found in traditional units.

This example shows the two-phase inlet approach taken by Heatric for Glycol injection into a gas stream for hydrate suppression.









 3) 'Online' removal of meltable solids

Multiple section PCHE for meltable solids removal on standsDue to diffusion bonded exchangers having very discreet seperable fluid channels and with the ability to provide units with multi-sectioned cores and/or headers, we can design units which can be maintained online without shutdown in situations where frozen glycol, wax or hydrates may have blocked the unit.

This example shows a gas/gas dewpointing PCHE exchanger where the header has been split into multiple sections which can then be de-rimed without shutdown.


  1. Cold flow to section 1 is shut off
  2. Hot flow continues through all sections of the unit
  3. The frozen glycol, waxes or hydrates then melt
  4. Pressure drop and flow through the closed section is restored
  5. Process repeated for all other sections



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