The exceptional performance of Heatric PCHE heat exchangers

The creation of a solid heat transfer core with no joints, gaskets or brazing produces heat transfer units with the very widest performance window.

As the chart below shows, Heatric printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs) are capable of operating in temperatures from cryogenic to 980oC (1800oF) and to pressures up to 965 bar (14,000 psi).


Graph comparing operating temperature and pressure between Heatric PCHE and a standard exchanger

As a result, PCHEs are far more resistant to temperature fluctuations and the effect of thermal fatigue is far less common when compared with using conventional exchangers such as shell and tube variants which are far more susceptible.

This helps to maximise the effective life of your exchanger as well as reducing the overall costs associated with repair and maintenance due to the combination of their resistance to demanding environments and high structural integrity.

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