PCHE flow plate held by engineerHeatric heat exchanger flow plates

Our patented and unique flow plates are key in providing the effectiveness and efficiency of a much larger unit in such a compact footprint.

Each Heatric diffusion-bonded exchanger typically requires 2 plate designs; one for the process fluid flow and one for the cooling medium flow.  

Flow plates are produced from the material specifically selected according to the duty, process fluids and environment in which the exchanger is required to operate.

The maximum plate size currently available to produce each exchanger core 'block' is 600 x 1500mm. If necessary, multiple blocks can then be joined to form the final exchanger core. 

Each plate is typically 1.6mm thick into which the specific design of flow channels is then chemically etched creating 2mm diameter semi-circles which, once diffusion-bonded, create the final solid exchanger core.

Flow plate designs

Every flow plate design and resulting exchanger is bespoke created by our highly experienced team of chemical and mechanical engineers to match each and every customer's detailed duty specifications. The diagram below shows examples of a number of different hot and cold flow plate designs and confgurations including counterflow, multi pass counterflow and multi pass counter cross flow.

Heatric PCHE flow plate design examples


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