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Heat Exchanger Industry ApplicationsHeatric PCHEs on the Armada Platform

Our track record

Heatric's diffusion bonded heat exchangers are utilised in a wide range of industrial applications including the oil and gas industry, power generation, chemical processing and more.

There are over 2,500 Heatric exchangers currently in active operation, with an international customer base benefiting from the plethora of monetary, spacial and performance related benefits our products afford.


Heatric PCHEs can be used in the following applications:                                                                                                                                    

The oil and gas industry

PCHE Heat exchanger applications - oil and gas.

Heatric’s most long-lived and established market which we have been supplying for over 25 years. Our diffusion bonded heat exchangers are used in a wide range of gas and light hydrocarbon liquids processing duties with units ranging from 6 to 60 tonnes and assemblies up to 100 tonnes.

This innovative technology provides customers with a multitude of important benefits including superior capabilities at extreme temperature and pressures, as well as a far more compact size compared with other heat exchanger products on the market (PCHE exchangers are up to 85% smaller than shell and tube exchangers).

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Power generation

PCHE Heat exchanger applications - power generation.A safe, reliable and low cost electrical energy supply is critical to ensuring power continuity in the future. Heatric technology can be used to optimise the effectiveness of plants in a variety of important niche applications such as;

  • Energy recovery
  • Energy Storage
  • Solar Thermal Energyclose

Diffusion bonded heat exchangers offer safe, reliable and robust design combined with high effectiveness, compact size and close temperature approach. This ensures our heat exchangers provide customers with a cost effective solution throughout the entirety of their implementation.

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Chemical processing

PCHE heat exchanger applications - chemical processing.Working with a number of partners, we have gained broad expertise in steam methane reformation (SMR), Fischer Tropsch (FT) and other dedicated process reactors.

Our expertise within this industry allows us to tailor and optimise the reactor design to meet your exact requirements. Utilising this bespoke solution enables companies to maximise their potential output in any given footprint.

Chemical reactor applications include; in passage reactors, multiple adiabatic bed reactors and compact steam reforming.

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Industrial gases

PCHE heat exchanger applications - industrial gases.With the high level of energy demanded by cryogenic air separation, Heatric can help customers in this market to optimise performance while still minimising costs.

The arrival of novel plant and other air processing technology involving Heatric exchangers can significantly enhance effectiveness while reducing the overall footprint of the equipment.

For other industrial gas processing applications, Heatric has supplied oxygen coolers in diffusion bonded stainless steel to ensure no explosion risk, especially when process gas contaminated with mercury is used.

PCHEs also provide substantial improvements to the latest hydrogen refuelling stations where high pressure systems benefit from the integrity and robust, safe design of our diffusion bonded heat exchangers.

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Future developments

PCHE heat exchanger applications - future developmentsHeatric are continually working with new partners to develop additional applications which can benefit from the key characteristics of diffusion bonded heat exchangers.

Their performance, size and weight ratio and broad operating capabilities make them ideal for operation in restricted space or under extreme conditions such as the latest concentrated solar power, thermal and cryogenic energy storage systems.

For more information on how we can help bring quantifiable results to your heat transfer projects please contact us.

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