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Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs)


Natural gas transportation from offshore platforms to shore requires the liquefaction of gas through cooling. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is much simpler, cheaper, and safer to transport when compared to natural gas.

While LNG is a convenient mean of transporting large quantities of gas across the ocean, it still requires distribution once reaching the shore. To do so, it must be converted back to a gaseous state for pipeline transportation.

For projects where space and cost make a land-based facility unfeasible, Floating Storage Regasification Units are a practical alternative. FSRUs are ocean-based vessels that convert the LNG that has been shipped from the offshore platforms back to its gaseous state for piping inland.

As with offshore oil & gas platforms, FSRUs have specific requirements that few heat exchangers, except Heatric’s PCHEs, can meet. These include:

  • Space saving – PCHEs are extremely compact when compared to Shell & Tube heat exchangers that operate at the same Heatric’s PCHEs are as much as 85% smaller and lighter, resulting in considerable space and constructions savings andequally substantial costs savings.
  • Extreme robustness and durability -as Heatric’s PCHEs are diffusion bonded, they do not suffer from a catastrophic failure mode which makes them particularly suitable for environments where safety is paramount.
  • Challenging process conditions -the high performance of PCHEs, combined with their high-integrity,make them very suitable for the high demands of gas processing duties.

Having supplied PCHEs to a large number of FSRU projects, Heatric is particularly well positioned to continue supporting the development of these systems.


Heatric PCHE

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