Ethylene Oxide PCHE Proven at Geismar

Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHEs) have been used to enhance the operational availability of BASF's Geismar ethylene oxide facility in Louisiana, USA. The ethylene oxide stripper exchanger represents a new application for the innovative PCHE technology, most commonly used in upstream hydrocarbon processing.

UK-based Heatric - exclusive manufacturers of Printed Circuit technology worldwide - worked in close partnership with BASF to replace the two original plate and frame heat exchangers with a single PCHE.

Nick Johnston, Managing Director at Heatric said:
'The unique processes employed by Heatric in designing and manufacturing PCHEs make them ideal for applications incorporating hazardous fluids, as the diffusion bonded design eliminates the possibility of gasket leaks which can occur in conventional plate type exchangers.'

He added: 'Due to tight limitations on space and a 42MW operating duty, the PCHE was the obvious replacement. As well as being up to six times smaller than conventional shell and tube exchangers, PCHEs are capable of thermal effectiveness of more than 97 per cent.'

Heatric and the BASF team at Geismar collaborated to provide the best solution for the plant, expediting the complete design, procurement, import, installation and commissioning of the EO stripper heat exchanger in just eight months.

Doug Webster, Senior Project Engineer with the BASF Geismar team commented;
'At each phase of the procurement process, the Heatric team met the mark. The exchanger design and technical specification were completed with correspondence between the US, UK and Germany. Our experts from Germany visited the Heatric facilities and were impressed with the company's quality assurance process and capabilities. Heatric kept us informed on progress throughout the manufacturing cycle and co-ordinated with BASF logistics to beat the original delivery schedule by four weeks.'


For further information please contact:

Doris Schulze, Marketing Executive
Heatric, 46 Holton Road, Holton Heath, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6LT, United Kingdom.
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Editors notes
* Heatric is an award winning supplier of innovative heat transfer equipment and has supplied chemically etched and diffusion bonded PCHEs (Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers) to the hydrocarbon processing industries worldwide for over 15 years.
* Heatric is a division of Meggitt PLC, a global company specialising in aerospace, defence and electronics. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Meggitt and its subsidiary companies employ over 3,500 people worldwide across eight countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Spain and the USA.

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