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Air inlet Chilling

Air inlet cooling can be used as a cost effective way to boost plant capacity. Utilising a heat exchanger to cool the air can greatly increase the plant's rated power capacity, with a water cooled system, mechanical refrigeration or a thermal energy storage using ice. The benefits are being able to cool the air to below the wet bulb temperature.  This is good for new installations, but also upgrades to existing plants to increase capacity with minimum capital outlay.

The FPHE, offers considerable benefits for air inlet chilling, such as:

  • A very low pressure drop with minimum power loss.
  • A very close temperature approach which can reduce the loading on the refrigeration plant.
  • Direct mounting in the air ducting, therefore possibly eliminating the requirement for coils and putting the evaporator directly in the air stream, again reducing the power requirement of the refrigeration plant, but raising the temperature required.


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