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PCHE heat exchanger on a winch.The diffusion bonding technology used in manufacturing by Heatric today was first developed at the University of Sydney as part of a post-graduate research study. In 1985, the partners involved in this study then created the company now known as Heatric.

Five years later, in 1990, Heatric was acquired by the multi-national group Meggitt PLC, best known for their manufacturing presence in the aerospace, defence and electronic sensor markets. 

Heatric was then relocated from Australia to Poole in the UK where it now employs people within manufacturing and operations across two sites.

With sales offices in Poole, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore, as well as our network of agents across all other areas of the world, Heatric provides a truly global and bespoke service to our customers and partners wherever they are operating.


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Company Details

Heatric ­ Division of Meggitt UK Ltd
46 Holton Road
Holton Heath
BH16 6LT

Company registration number: 629814
VAT No: GB 723 4510 63

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